When: 5:33 a.m., Saturday, July 24 to Sunday, July 25, 12:00 noon.


There will be a Zoom Captain’s and participating angler meeting on Friday, July 23 at 5:00 p.m.  We go through the Tournament App online and review the 

Tournament Rules. Captains’ Bags will be mailed to 

participants in advance or can be picked up from 

participating tackle shops on Block Island or the mainland. 

Where:  fishing is limited to inside the three mile line around

Block Island

All fish must be caught within this boundary (includes the 

Block Island Wind Farm). Check your GPS and chart as you

fish because the wind farm abuts the three mile limit and

fishing must occur within the three mile limit.

BI fluke and BSB - Photo D.jpg
BI bite on - Photo A.jpg

Entry Format: This is a ‘measured length’ Tournament only, entries do not have to be weighed.

To enter a fish, it must be measured and photographed against the tournament measuring device.  Photos must be taken through the tournament smartphone app and capture the full length of the fish against the ruler. 

Anglers will compete individually – each participating angler’s name must be registered with the tournament in advance.

In the boat division there will be one team prize for the boat that places highest across all categories. Each team can have up to four anglers (there is no requirement to fill all for spots on a vessel).  With vessels that have more than four, only tournament prizes from the same four anglers designated on the tournament application will be counted toward the team prize.

block-island-fishworks bass father son.jpg

Only fish that meet Rhode Island Fishing regulation minimum possession limit sizes can be entered in the tournament (striped bass 28”, fluke 19”, black sea bass 15”, and bluefish (tournament established minimum size of 20”). 

Because this is ‘measured length’ tournament only and fish are not weighed good catch & release practices are urged for all fish caught and released, particularly bluefish and striped bass. Further, please note that striped bass above 35” that are caught and entered must be released, per Rhode Island regulations.